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  • Can my battery still be stolen now that I have protected it with a Lockride?
    Yes unfortunately it is. The Lockride battery lock serves as extra protection against theft, but your battery can still be stolen. Thieves can be persistent and try to get their hands on your battery in any way possible. Do you park your bicycle for a longer period of time? Then we recommend removing the battery from the bicycle.
  • Do I need to insure my bicycle and battery against theft?
    We recommend taking out bicycle insurance that also insures your battery. If someone has their sights set on your battery, they will always find a way to steal the battery or bicycle.
  • Which battery lock do I need for my bicycle?
    Select your e-bike in the selection aid and find the matching lock. The link to the selection aid can be found at the bottom of the footer of each page:
  • Can I install the battery lock myself?
    All our locks can be installed yourself using our manuals . If you cannot find a solution, you can always contact one of our dealers . *To install the Model X for Carqon, we recommend that you have this done by a dealer. A large part of the bicycle must be taken apart for installation.
  • Where can I track my order?
    If you have your tracking code and zip code at hand, you can track your shipment here .
  • How can I return a product?
    If you purchased a Lockride through our webshop, you can send an email to and we will send you a shipping label. After receiving your package, we will refund the purchase amount. The Lockride must be unused or undamaged.
  • My bicycle is not in the Lock Selector. Can you develop a lock for my bicycle?
    We are continuously expanding our product portfolio. The priority of a new slot is determined by how high the demand is. So is your bike not listed? Please let us know ( ) and who knows, we may already be working on a solution or it may now be a little higher on our priority list. ⚡ Frame and Rack batteries Please send us a web link to the bicycle so that we can properly assess whether a lock fits. We need the make, type and model year. If you don't have a web link, a photo is also useful. Integrated batteries In addition to a web link / brand, type, model year, we would also like to know the tube sizes. Measure the width and height of the pipe cross-section (in which the battery is located) and provide us with these measurements.
  • Which bicycles does Lockride not fit?
    Because we are often asked whether a Lockride also fits bicycles that are not included in our selection aid, we keep a list of bicycles for which our locks are not suitable.
  • Does an E-Type fit on any luggage carrier battery?
    No Unfortunately not. The E-Type is only suitable for the Bosch PowerPack Rack type. In addition, each manufacturer has its own luggage carrier designed around the battery, which may prevent a Lockride from fitting between the battery and the luggage carrier.

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